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Default Re: Ollie's journey

Ollie continues to gain strength and look healthier all the time. His numbers are usually in the 100-250 range, though occasionally he goes high, but not for long. Stitches came out, cone came off, he is getting around admirably for a blind old man. He looks far healthier than he did a year ago.

We had our other dog, Honey, tested for hypothyroidism. Her symptoms were failure to lose weight with reduction in diet, and low energy. Sure enough, she tested positive, so we started her on the meds yesterday. It's such a common disease, has such a simple test and the medication is fairly cheap with very rare side effects; I would recommend anyone who suspects their dog has it to not delay.

For Ollie, his insulin started working much better as soon as his hypothyroid was treated. He's lost about 9-10 lbs of excess fat (he's now 60 lbs) and he's on 18-20 units Novolin 2x per day.


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