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Default Vetsulin vs. Novolin N vs. Novolin 70/30

So we are going on just about a year with Ace and his EPI/Diabetes and he has been fairly stable (for the most part) with 6 units of Vetsulin twice daily at meals. I've been recently looking at costs and ways to manage his diabetes and found some threads along the way talking about Novlin N but haven't really found a whole lot of discussion pertaining to the 70/30 mixture. In what (I think) i'm reading, the 70/30 a little more closely matches with the profile of vetsulin with a fast acting and longer lasting component. The 'N' is more of a long acting insulin.
I'm just trying to weigh out some options and my current vet does not have a lot of background in dealing with diabetes. Looking forward to hearing from anyone. THANKS in advance!
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