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Default Re: Vetsulin vs. Novolin N vs. Novolin 70/30

Originally Posted by bpcooper14 View Post
I've been ordering my syringes from ADW diabetes online. The ones i get also have the 1/2 unit markings. I haven't been able to make the switch over yet due to travel, family visits, and just life in general. Been too hectic to make the switch AND make sure that everything is pretty much stable before making the switch.
It might be a good idea if you would tell us exactly what syringe you are currently using with your Vetsulin. Iím a worry-wart and believe itís important to use the correct syringe.

Please remember to get U-100 syringes when you switch to Novolin-N. Using the wrong syringe could result in an insulin overdose. When I switched from Vetsulin to Novolin-N, I donated my leftover U-40 (Vetsulin) syringes to my vet clinic because I wanted them out of the house to prevent any mistake.

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