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Default Re: Vetsulin vs. Novolin N vs. Novolin 70/30

Does anyone continue to have such wide BG swings on VETSULIN??? I haven't been here for awhile..still up 24/7 worrying about the awful swings with still trying after 1.5 years to decide whether to change to Novolin 70/30..If no one has terrible BG swings, then I don't know??? But started thinking...It is thought that a few dogs only need 1 dose/24 hours but most need 2/ what if the VETSULIN kicks in sometimes working on 24 hour curve vs 12 hour curve? OR what if the beginning of the vile does not remain the same constituency as at the end of the vile for whatever reason..20 shakes/rolls vs 15, etc.? I almost think I'd rather mix two insulins myself as use to be done with patients in the old days. BTW..because Suzie is so small, I use U-100 =9u rather than U-40= 3.6 units. I hope all of your babies are doing well!!!
Suzie, 10yo, chihuahua, diagnosed D.M. 8/3/2017started NPH..Lantus..Vetsulin.
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