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Question Sissy became an Angel December 29, 2016

I am 8 weeks into this journey with my 9 yr old has been a lot of reading and trial and error.I have just gotten her within range,100-220!! Woohoo.she is on humilin n,7 u.its twice a day.I have found the most expensive thing is the alpha trak 2 strips. I am using a lot right now.I hope that slows down.Sissy is on 2 meals a day now,we tried 3 but couldn't get her numbers low enough.she was often 500-600. She was on w/d,but DCO by purina has turned out to work better for her. I can't express how much help this site has is wonderful.thank everyone who has posted for their input. I will keep looking for better,safer ideas.!!! I also had to deal with bad food allergie too,however,they seem to have taken a back seat to diabetes,and with dco have not had any trouble,thank goodness because steroids r a no no.
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