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Default Re: New and pretty overwhelmed

Hello and welcome. Being overwhelmed is totally understandable, but in time, this feeling should subside. You've come to the right place for questions and support. My dog has been diabetic 1.5 yrs now. He lost his sight almost overnight six months after his diagnosis. That will be a year ago March 1. He does just fine. The first week was the hardest in that he was apprehensive in going up/down the porch steps to go potty. I refused to carry him as I knew he needed to learn his way. We have fenced in back yard area, so he learned the smell and location fairly quickly. There were times he would be confused, but the sound of our voice directed him. The first couple of car trips to the vet were confusing for him because he didn't know where he was and getting him to walk there was difficult. But, now he does just fine when we go.

As for the shots, I see you are on Vetsulin,which uses a larger needle/syringe (U-40). If you were to switch insulin to Novolin (which is much cheaper than Vetsulin), you would be switching to the smaller, shorter needle & syringe (30 gauge) - both insulin & needles purchased from Walmart. The shorter needle is much easier to handle and my dog rarely feels it. The neck/scruff is not the best place for injection, per my vet. The hind quarters or along the side is best. I start at low hip area (away from the spine), and inject low, mid,or upper hip area, alternating sides.

My dog started out on Vetsulin and did not respond well, plus the cost factor. I had to switch Vets within a week because I was not pleased and wanted another opinion, who switched us to Novolin N (purchased at Walmart for $25/vial). So glad we switched.

You may want to consider home testing, as well. I know that's another stress factor for you, but it becomes second nature. There are several here using human meters & strips, but if you want accuracy, then the Alphatrak 2, or Advocate PetTest meters are designed for animals.Strips for alphatrak are expensive, and some (like me), have switched to the Advocate PetTest meter, using the alphatrak for backup.

I'm sure others will chime in here
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