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Default Diet for diabetic dog

So, this is my second thread here. I am trying to figure out a good diet for Winston. He was diagnosed with extremely high triglycerides last May (a possible red flag for current diabetes?), so the vet put him on Royal Canin GI low fat.

This was confusing to me because I know personally, it's low carb that reduces my triglycerides-- the exact opposite of low fat.

But, in 3 months, his triglycerides dropped from 2500 to 800 on that low fat diet, and just last week it was 476. (when he got the diabetes diagnosis) It's not great but it is going in the right direction for sure.

Again, because I am prediabetic, I know that carbs raise blood glucose and make it harder to control. But because of the triglyceride thing, and his concern about pancreatitis (which Winston has not had), the vet seems to want him to stay low fat AND ALSO low carb. That's pretty much impossible to pull off. We are currently trying Hills W/D, both canned and dry mixed. He loves, loves this food. I would say that it is slightly higher in fat than the Royal Canin, which makes my vet nervous because of the triglycerides, but it's still not super high in fat. It has a lot of fiber, but is not super low in carbs. It's kind of moderate in everything.

Is there anyone out there who has had a dog with high trigs and diabetes who found a decent food for them? Is the Hills a good place to start?

Full disclosure: when I found out Winston had diabetes I tried just plain boiled chicken and nothing else, thinking that is very low carb and low fat too. He loved it but he vomited it up. Too much change too fast, I guess. :-(
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