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Default Re: New and pretty overwhelmed

Hi and welcome ! I understand that overwhelming feeling. As far as shots, tenting is way unnecessary. I just pulled up loose skin and injected at the bottom. Also, the scruff area is very uncomfortable for some -my Maggie would squeal every time I tried. There is also auto-injectors that people here have raved about. I never used one but Inject Eze is one I have heard about. Maybe some of them will chime in.

Also, saw your food post and I can talk about it here. Diabetes in dogs is totally different than type 2 human diabetes. Although the carbs don't need to be high, they need carbs to work with the insulin. This is why high protein low carb diets typically don't work well. My dog wouldn't eat the prescription diets. The lowest fat I found was Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck and Pea dry. It is about 11%. The canned is not low fat enough but Weruva makes a canned food that is about 9 % and that was the lowest that I found. When you compare foods, especially wet foods, make sure you are comparing them. The fat percentage on canned food is not correct until you take the moisture factor out. The Weruva says 1% but when considering the moisture, it is actually 9 %.

Also, learned through my non-diabetic mini schnauzer, omega 3 fish oil has helped bring down her triglycerides.
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