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Default Levi - new thread

Hello. I am new. I am stranded and have very little help from the vet. My Levi is 12. I tried to tell the vet i thought he was diabetic because i am too. He was peeing lakes all over my house, drinking gallons and now is getting cataracts. The vet sed oh no hes likely got kidney troubles, charged me for the tests which came back negative. After i talked them into the blood test it took a week for them to call me back to say yes Levi was diabetic. In the meantime while we waited I started testing him and started him out on 8 units of Lantus twice a day. Its what i take too. I didnt want to wait for bad things to happen. In 2 days he stopped peeing in the house. Once the vet called us back she sed to start him on 7 units so i wasnt that far off.

Heres the thing. He has started peeing in the house again and my testing shows readings of between 5-23. I think i am going to start giving him a humalog bolus at meals to get this down because he is currently taking 14u Lantus twice a day. Trouble is that i was taught to lower my sugar by reading and carb intake. Have you guys ever calculated the carbs in dog food??? They dont list them. I had to figure it out myself. There are 4 kcal to 1 carb. Our food is 368kcal per cup. Levi weighs 70 pounds. Thats alot of carbs per meal.

I have searched everywhere and cant find much dosing info on dogs and humalog. Tonite when his sugar was 17.5 and i added the carbs for his meal i got 23 units for correction and to cover the meal. That cant be right me thinks. Can you all be so kind as to guide me with what you would do?

I have to do something. hes miserable. I cant change vets as mine is a geared to income vet. Thankyou ever so much!
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