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Exclamation Our new forum has arrived!

Please note this message updated as of 05/21/09 6:14pm edt

Hello everyone.

First, tremendous gratitude and many thanks to Natalie who has given us all a temporary home.

This temporary forum has been closed for posting. If you had registered here please follow the link to and attempt to login using your former login information. If you are granted access to the site you should not have to do anything further. If you are not granted access please make sure of your login, try again and if it still fails please register at just like you did here using the same username and password. If you are a new member wishing to register please follow the same link to and complete the registration process. You can use this link. For transferring members do not be concerned if your old thread is not present, we have moved everything but it may take a few days for the administrators and moderators to sort them all out and move them into the appropriate forum. You may begin to post right away and we will straighten it out. We will PM you as we relocate the information we are moving from this site. The new forum has lots of features, we hope you will like it.

This has been a difficult period, we have met new friends, found old ones, we have laughed, and we have cried.

The new forum is dedicated to the care of our little ones and to the support of each other.

On behalf of

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