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Default Roxy the Boxer - An Angel June 12, 2020

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea and my dog Roxy just got diagnosed with diabetes. The vet was pretty much no help at all. I have been reading nonstop. The vet would like me to bring her back in on Monday so they can observe her. They told me her ketone were very high they didn't tell me her numbers. They put her on insulin 2 times a day and the hills w/d food. The vet told me she should be eating 5 cans a day. Yesterday after she ate and I gave her her shot she threw up like an hour later.

Today I only gave her a can and 15 mins her shot. She still seems hungry can I give her more food? I know from reading on line it should only be twice a day.

Any advice ? Any advice about ketone would be great. I know if we can't get them down she will go into liver failure. She goes back to the vet tomorrow.
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