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Default Re: Help I'm reading the boards..

Thanks everyone.

Her name is Roxy she is an 8 year boxer mix. She was 101lbs last year vet visit. Saturday her weight was 75lbs. She is spayed since she was a baby.

She used to eat Bil jac dog food. Yesterday she was put on hills w/d can foods. The vet said to feed her 5 cans a day. ( that would cost me $645.00 a month). I've been trying to find out if that is true.

The vet put her on Novolin-N 8 units.. Twice a day. Yesterday she was pretty sick but the vet said she would be find until Monday. Yesterday she ate half a can of food and her first shot.

This morning she woke up and so happy, just like she used to. I feed her a can and a half today and gave her 5 units. She has been drinking to me normally... Less then she was a few weeks ago.

Tonight I will give her 2 cans and see if she will eat it all and want more. I have been reading to give her a shot anywhere from 15 to 30 mins after she eats.

The vet would like to keep her on Monday. To check all her numbers. I am thinking about calling around Monday and changing her vet.

P.s. I did buy some unflavored pedialyte to add to her water. I am keeping a log of everything she is doing.
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