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Default Re: My Monster Vinny

Patty, Vinny was eating Purina One Beyond...Bogey, our younger dog is still eating this. Don't think that isn't causing any confusion! Vinny is supposed to be tested at the midpoint between feedings/shots, no curve has been mentioned to my knowledge...I will be asking! In the meantime, I'll be getting a meter today and using jesse girl's ideas from another thread to get him used to it. By the next weekend, I want to be able to do my own curve just to see where he is.

My biggest worry right now is I suppose some of you have guessed! Being the stupid humans we are and the resourceful dog Vinny has become, he keeps getting into things he never would have before. Helping himself to food on the counter or in the pantry (dog food kept in here), cleaning out the cat food (behind two gates) or tearing open a bag of cat food (left alone for 15 minutes!), and getting into the trash. We really do have to change the way we do things around here and each time we 'fix' one thing, he gets into another! I know this has to be bad for him, but I guess I really don't know how bad; or better yet, what it can cause?

I'll be calling the vet today about snacks we can give him...instead of the pizza and chicken bones he's been helping himself to.

Thanks everyone for the welcome and input!
Mel: My monster is Vinny! He's a black lab, diagnosed with diabetes June 21, 2013. His birthdate was celebrated the last weekend of May. He left this world on July 27, 2018, he was 12 years old.
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