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Default fructosamine testing

Hi there all,
I have an appt coming up May 9th with a new vet and they mentioned possibly upon examination instead of doing a curve since she recently had one they might be doing a fructosamine test. Has anyone had this and can anyone tell me about it, opinions ect...?

I am new to this site so i will give you a little back round... My baby, Cricket was diagnosed with diabetes and cushings disease last Dec 2019. Yes I am on the K9Cushings forum. She is currently on 3U insulin 2x's day. My challenge as I am sure many of you have the same challenge is her diet. I am currently feeding her Dr Harvey's Paradigm….

Paradigm is a “green food” pre-mix that is used as a base for a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet may be helpful for dogs with a variety of health issues and can also serve as an excellent maintenance diet. The formula contains powerful ingredients each of which has been chosen to provide vital nutrition for health and healing.
Paradigm is a revolutionary base-mix dog food that eliminates the prep work of making fresh, healthy and safe home cooked meals. Simply mix with meat and oil for a balanced, homemade meal.
* Paradigm is made with 6 Dehydrated Vegetables, Healthy Herbs & A Multi-Vitamin Supplement
* Contains No Grains
* Contains No Starchy Vegetables
* Made with Minimally-Processed, Fresh Whole Foods

I do add her protein that I rotate, baby food chicken & turkey and I also giver her ground up boiled chicken and low fat bison. The challenge is real and am wondering what you all have found that works with your fur babies.

Thank you,
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