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Wink Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Hi everyone,
Sissy and i have been really busy,with foster pups,family weddings and house sitting.i am down to my 2 pups.fritz, a 14 yr old bichon that i adopted, and my sissy.she has had 2 hospital stays several months ago,but right now,is doing pretty well.she has trouble with pain and limping in her front legs.i give her tramadol for it.she is eating well and interestes in all that is going on,however,lol,she does get impatient with some of my daughters dogs!!!
We are looking forward to thanksgiving,( my favorite holiday). Also,i rescued sissy that week 11 years lucky did i get
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and thoughts are with all of you,and pups,here or passed.
Sissy 13 yr old Bichon, born 4/17/03, 12 lbs. Diagnoised 7/20/12. Passed away 12/29/16 in my arms. My life will never be the same again. She will always be with me. Run free my babygirl 3 ozs I/D 4 x's day. 1.75 units levemir 2 times a day. .1 mg thyroid pill, tramadol for leg pain, morning & night,Use Alphatrak 2 and Relion Confirm meters.
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