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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

I've been doing okay. I was sick a couple weeks back, but now I only have a cough. It's slowly getting better, but otherwise, I'm good.

My mom had a complication in recovering from her surgery. It was not really serious, but it will make her recovery longer. She is also trying to quit smoking, and has not had a cigarette in over two weeks!

Dexter and Harrison (the new rats) have settled in well. They got neutered last month, and have healed nicely. They are doing great.

Spencer, my oldest rat, passed away yesterday. He had what we thought was a cyst on his face. It finally got big enough that the vet was afraid it would rupture on me, so we scheduled it to be drained and cleaned. She called me during the procedure to let me know that it wasn't a cyst, and they were having trouble stopping the bleeding. It was a necrotic tumor that had been eroding his sinus cavity. She wanted me to come up, as she was going to recommend we euthanize him, but he went on his own while we were on the phone. He was a special boy, and everyone loved him. I miss him a lot.

Dakota is doing good. A little bit of seasonal allergies going on right now. I'm thinking about changing him to a grain free food as well to see if maybe that will help some.

I'll update about Piper on her thread, since I did a curve today...
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