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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Hi everyone!
Well it's been forever since we check in and I see the forum is going strong and helping all those new little sugar babies out there!! And that's a great thing!!

Little Miss Tiggy just had another birthday last month... 11yrs and is approaching the beginning of her 4th year with this wonderful condition we've all been dealt

She's basically been on cruise control for the last year with small little hiccups now and then but nothing serious.... Ie she hasn't been climbing on the counters, tables or digging thru trash looking for chocolate ( the veterans on her know what I'm talking about lol)

In September things started to change a little. Somehow she broke two metatarsals in her front foot... Absolutely no idea how, one minute she's fine an hour or so later she won't bear weight she was in a splint and or a wrap for 10 weeks!! New pic of that in her album....During that time she developed Hemoragic Gastroenteritis.... Vet said it was probably due to her stress with the foot. Ok we finally cleared. THAT hurdle... Appetite came back and BS back to normal.... Not for long . Two weeks later her first official diagnosis of the dreaded pancreatitis!! We caught it really early because of the previous problem..... Everything happens for a reason I guess They let us treat her at home with sub q fluids and meds.... Another fun week but that little Diva was a real trooper with an 18 guage needle stuck in her back daily

She's now her healthy little food driven self, letting us know exactly when it's 6 o clock on the dot and that we're not moving fast enough for her. BS are back to her normal ranges!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and even though we're not around much, my thoughts are always with all of you and always will be

Hugs , Sandy and Tiggy
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