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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

I need to remember to start these updates more often! It's so much fun to catch up with members who don't post often.

Sandy, we wound up having to change vets because the one we were using in Elk Grove left private practice and went to the Sacramento County shelter - her heart has long been in rescue.

We are using a new vet off of Greenhaven, near the ER vet... I like the vet a lot, she was recommended by the previous vet as someone who emphasizes gentlel handling.

BUT the practice, a VCA, I don't care for much at all unfortunately (and VCAs are so much more expensive!). Debating whether to try someplace new or suffer through the management / frontdesk problems, such as they refuse to fax prescriptions to Drs. Foster and Smith.

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