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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Hey Natalie!

Sorry to hear about your vet. I know how much you liked her and most importantly how you trusted her.... Tough to find these days!!!

We're using the SMALL VCA on EG Blvd.... Same one where she had her surgery last year.... Only 3 Vets who are fantastic, one in particular!!!! Trust her 100% and she respects our knowledge of tigs diabetes and doesn't try to overpower. Very caring and gentle with Tiggy! The great thing there is that you have the small town feel, usually see the SAME vet each visit and where the entire staff knows tig and us.... They should, we've spent enough time there in the last few months lol. Tig only had to go to the big one on Bradshaw once and that was for one night of hospitalization the first day of the gastroenteritis

So agree, I hate the corporation too but these Vets actually try to circumvent the system a little to try to save their clients a little $$$. Bradshaw wouldn't hear of us doing the sub q fluids.... Wanted us to bring her in to be hydrated the other ones were more than will to give us a bag, needles and send our happy a$$'s home lol.
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