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Default Re: Bagel joins the group and Mommy is melting

Check her for ketones today if possible. It takes 15 seconds. If there are no ketones in her urine that is great, but if she does register ketones it can be a very MAJOR issue. I'm sorry that I am being so pushy about this, but I promise you that you need this information. It may be negative and you'll have nothing to worry about, but you should check regularly especially if her sugar is very high and unregulated. Let us know..

Originally Posted by Bagel's Mom View Post
a good week so far..She is resting well and we are sleeping through the night..YAY
I havent done any ketone testing....been crazy and i try to get home and take her out in the buggy before dark..We went about 45 min tonight.,...she loves it so much!!

She eats and gets her shot while she is still eating...and goes to bed for a while...then she got up when she smelled my chicken HA
I gave her a tiny bit and now she is back resting...

I hope to catch up on studying the monitor and all next week as I am out of school WEDS through SUN and will have quiet time to read and learn...
I am thankful for so many things these days!!!
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