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Default Re: Bagel joins the group and Mommy is melting

Originally Posted by Bagel's Mom View Post
They want me to keep an AM and PM journal for BG testing and since I got the Ultra 2 One Touch and have NO clue what I am doing...I best get going on that..Thye ordered the alpha trak for me but I can't afford that right now..and that's all they use so they aren;t familiar with the difference in the readouts I may get...
I have no "sticks" for the monitor but I did see them at Walgreens..
Hi Sande,
I just wanted to add I have a OneTouch meter and an Alphatrak and I prefer my OneTouch. Really it's whatever you feel comfortable using. Even my alphatrak is off by 30 points. Once you get the hang of testing you can compare the difference in meter readings. I wouldn't stress about comparing right now.

The OneTouch Ultra meter strips you can pick up at a drugstore but I think some get theirs from for about 68 cents a strip + shipping. I get mine from ebay for anywhere from 42-48 cents a strip (including shipping). Just check the seller's feedback and that the boxes are factory sealed and expiration dates.

I tried Ali's ear as well. Just couldn't get blood there. I didn't want to use the inner lip either but turned out to be the easiest place for her. If I'm too far forward she doesn't bleed as well. Right across from the canine tooth works for her and it's over so quick once you get the hang of it. Does she like ice cubes? I give Ali some ice chips for a reward once in a while. She thinks its a great special treat. You might start by just handling Bagel's lip a bit without poking and praise her to get used to it.

Just wanted to offer a cheaper place to find strips.
Take care,
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