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Default Re: Bagel joins the group and Mommy is melting

called one of our favorite techs today and she made me feel I could breathe....

I bought some strips for the Ultra touch at Walgreens tonight..only got 25 but I thought that would help til I find good prices..

Will study the meter a lot tonight...
another question...The lancet came with some (like 10) lancets..
1) can you use them more than once?
2) What number do you set the pen thingie on ????
Was wondering if anyone had tried the skin at the elbow...
Bagel is so smart and doesn't like being messed with ~
oh one more...when I was giving her shot tonight- in her scruffy place on her neck, she yelped...
that has never happened before and I HATED it... was it too shallow maybe and pricked her muscle?
I will be more careful cause that was not good..
ok thanks ..I am almost ready...;-)
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