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Default Re: Need help with Ben

Maggie had DKA and pancreatitis originally so it could be both or either. Pancreatitis diagnosis is an easy blood test. The SPEC cPL will tell you if that is it. I would think the level of ketones and certain levels in the CBC would be indicative of DKA - the elevated BUN (urea) indicates a toxin is present, high liver enzymes, high cholesterol, low levels of phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Elevated white blood cells may also be present. So, blood tests can give a pretty clear picture.

I would ask for that SPEC cPL test. It shouldn't cost much and would explain vomiting.

Glad that your Ben is better - take it slow. Fluids are great so glad you can give them at home.

Cushings is a very common MISdiagnosis in unregulated diabetics. There are specific Cushings tests that would have to be performed and many are false positives or inconclusive so I would be leery. IMO, Cushings is what vets go to when a dog doesn't respond to insulin. If Ben wasn't trying to eat you out of your house and home, then I would have another reason to doubt Cushings. Sometimes, there are many other reasons for dogs not responding to insulin and can be an easy fix. If you want great Cushings information, check out out sister site, The people there are great - super knowledgeable. It will ease your mind.
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