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Default Re: Need help with Ben

I thought I'd give you an update on Ben.

After a very long week Ben is now out of the thicket and doing well. He recovered from severe ketoacidosis thanks to a five-day long intravenous fluid treatment.

We switched to Royal canin which he loves and eats heartily. The only problem is that, while the food is giving him all the nutrients he needs, he still asks for more when he is fed. We are being very disciplined with food and feeding and insulin times.

We are also using Insulatard now, and he is on a 5iu dose twice daily, every 12 hrs. Glucose levels fell immediately as soon as we started using it, but we are still trying to find the right dose, and sugar levels are still going up and down. They are sometimes in the 20s (evenings) and I hope this will not lead to another ketoacidosis episode. Peeing and thrist abated.

Still waiting for test results. Being tested for pancreatitis too and already have pancreatic enzymes on reserve. Still not convinced it is Cushing's.

I also ordered a glucometre from the US (the brand suggested on this forum) to start home testing and plot a more exact curve and understand how Ben's body is reacting to insulin throughout the day. I am carefully reading the case study on this website to hopefully make informed decisions.

Many thanks for all your suggestions and help. It meant a lot to me, especially last week when we were really on thin ice.
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