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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Name: Black Magic
Breed: Minature Schnauzer - 11 y.o.
Weight: 28 # before diagnosis, 24.5 # currently
Diet: Science Diet R/D, 1 cp twice a day
Insulin: Vetsulin U-40
Injections: Started at 6 units once/day, now at 10 units twice/day and BG at 400 last week - returning to vet

Black Magic did the norm, drinking excessively and urinating in the house, vet started him on Vetsulin in early November 2008. His weight dropped rapidly as did his muscle tone and at Thanksgiving he was so weak in the hindquarters that he could barely walk. Continued weekly testing and insulin adjustment - now his weight has stabilized and his energy level, alertness, and strength are improving every day. Blood glucose remains above 400 even with the twice per day insulin. More testing this next week. Two kinds of Cushings tests were negative. Looking forward to getting the B.G. back into normal ranges.
1-21-2009 update - B.G. tests showed 400 AM, 280, back to 400 in PM so vet said to go to 12 units Vetsulin 2X/day - energy level and alertness are good
5 - 2009 update - B.G. under control with 13 units U-40 twice a day, just had SUCCESSFUL double cataract surgery

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