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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Dog's Name:
Bailey (male - 7 years old - diagnosed 1/09)

Lab Mix - mixed with what...who knows
(looks like a yellow lab, with shorter legs & an upward curling tail)

Dog's Weight:

Currently 1 1/2 cups DCO dry with 1 scrambled egg & cucumber chunks added.
One Newman's Own Organic Chicken Dog Treats after each injection and as a "bedtime biscuit".

NPH (Humulin N from Walgreen's, or Walmart ReliOn labeled version)
26 Units, twice a day

TrueTrack from Walgreen's (generally within 15 points of vet's readings)
26 Gauge Lancets
He's super easy to test with the lip method.

Thyroxine for low thyroid

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