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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Dog's Name: Kui (Female, 10 years old, diagnosed four years ago)

Breed: Lab Mix (Lab/Springer Spaniel)

Weight: 62lbs

Diet: Chicken thighs (2) and slightly more broccoli with 1 1/4 cup Hill's W/D dry--so roughly equal amounts. She gets the same in the morning and evening and a noon time snack of about 5 broccoli florets and periodic dried chicken snacks.

We buy bulk frozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs and frozen broccoli florets and prepare three days portions of chicken at a time. In the summer we don't thaw the broccoli--especially as snacks.

27 units of Vetsulin, twice a day (after each meal).

A walk of about 20-40 minutes a day in the morning. Sometimes a short walk of about 15 minutes in the evening. (Without the walks she starts to show some wear.)

Prior to her current menu she was at her weight recommendation of just W/D cut in half portions for AM/PM with 28 units of Vetsulin after each meal. She was coping but had periodic accidents.

Since partially substituting on the W/D in the last year, she has actually gained weight with no accidents at all. This is such a big difference from when she was first diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis. She went down to about 38lbs from 68lbs. The vet thought she was a goner. (She recovered from the pancreatitis on a diet of just lean chicken meat.)

Balancing diet, medicine, and exercise is tough but worth it for our whole family.
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