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Default Ace - Maltese diagnosed 11/2014

Hello, first id like to introduce myself, im new here and very concerned. My 6 year old maltese, Ace, has been acting strange the past month. Drinking a lot of water, and peeing nonstop, even in the house, which he rarely ever does. We thought maybe a uti so we took him to the vet yesterday and they did a urinalysis. No results yet on the culture, but they did say he had glucose in his urine, but no ketones. Vet says its definitely diabetes and we should get a blood test on tuesday to confirm it.

Im very very concerned for my best buddy, so I checked his blood glucose today with my one touch. It was 204. Not sure if thats high for a dog, but he is now on an antibiotic in case it is a uti (taken 3 pills so far) so not sure if that has anything to do in raising his blood sugar.

Other than the drinking of water and urinating, he shows no other signs or symptoms of diabetes. I will admit, he eats way to many dog treats (what can I say, hes a good boy!) and occasionally chicken or steak pieces if we have it for dinner.

Now heres my main question, what are the chances hes not actually diabetic, and the higher glucose levels are from the uti? Also, if it is diabetes, would that number of 204, require insulin, or just no more cookies for my boy and a diet change?

Thank you all so much, like I said im very nervous, and Tuesday cant come soon enough, my poor buddy.
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