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Default Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?

Hi and welcome to our forum! You might not get many responses as weekends are kind of slow around here but some others will be around to say hello.

Chances are not great that your vet was wrong about the diabetes diagnosis. Dogs typically are type 1 diabetics, unlike cats, so diet probably didn't cause it and certainly won't fix it. A normal functioning pancreas normally wouldn't allow a UTI to raise the body's blood glucose. So, I would imagine his pancreas has some type of damage at this point. Some unspayed females get a type of diabetes that can be "cured" by having them spayed but not always. The good news is his blood sugar isn't terribly high but you don't have much to go on except a couple of tests so you don't know how high he is going yet.

The other bit of good news is that diabetes is totally doable - it does require some structure to your schedule. Dogs can live normal lives with diabetes - my dog has been diagnosed 7 years now. Once you get your dog on a feeding schedule and insulin, they start feeling better and life goes on as before. They are susceptible to UTI's and pancreatitis so it is essential to keep a handle on their blood sugar and not to feed them really fatty snacks and food. We can help and this forum has lots of great information about diabetes. I would say just read some of the stories and information. Knowledge is power so learn as much as you can now and you will be ahead.
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