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Default I lost by sweet Sugar Nov. 24, 2017

Most here probably don't remember me nor my diabetic dog, Criss Ann. She passed away back in March 2009.
During her struggles with diabetes, Cushings, lupus, and cataract surgery, gone wrong, I adopted 2 American Eskimo dogs from an Ohio rescue group: Hank and Sugar.
The boys were 1 and 2 years old in July 2004 and were
great friends.

Sugar lost a front leg to cancer in 2012, but appeared to be in good health. Yesterday started as any other day. When I went to get Sugar in for breakfast, I found him collapsed outside. I rushed him to the vet's, where xrays showed a large tumor around his liver. His tummy was so extended that he yelped if just touched. They thought the tumor had ruptured. I made the decision to let my nearly 16 year old go peacefully.

I hope Criss was there to meet him. Hank will be lonely.

Bonnie and Angel Criss Ann
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