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Default Re: Crissy Ann's Long Road through Diabetes and Atypical Cushing's disease

It is two years ago today that you, my Baby Girl, went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know that you were greeted there by your beloved Dinks as well as by Tom, Jeri, and Deogee. You got to finally romp and play with all your friends from the internet that had gone on before. I know you are healthy, with shining brown eyes and silky white coat.


I still miss you so very much. I miss your big white paw. I miss your 'vocalizations'. I miss stepping over you at the kitchen sink as you tried to suck up all the cool air conditioned air from the vent. I miss putting my back up against yours for warmth. I just miss you.


I love you. I think about you guys every single day. You live on in my mind and heart. I can never look into Al's rearview mirror without glimpsing you, hanging over the rear seat, looking at where you'd been. I can still hear your 'song' whenever a siren goes down the street. I will love you until the day we meet again.


P.S. Thanks for sending Mellow so that I would have something white and furry to hold.
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