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Default Re: Diabetic dog in San Diego needs new home

Just wanted to clarify, since I wasn't real clear, that I don't have much more information about Lucie...

She is said to weigh about 31 pounds and has regained some of the weight she lost prediagnosis. He described her as a "big lap dog" and very sweet and social. She is said to live with 4 kids, 4 horses, and 10 other dogs on some acreage in a ranch type setting. He said she sleeps indoors or out, though my guess is that it's more often outdoors. She's on Kirkland lamb and rice kibble as she turned her nose up at WD.

I forgot to ask if she is spayed.

With so many dogs around, I'm thinking it likely that she is.

I have emailed the ACD rescue contacts in the San Diego area and all of the rescue folks I know up here and several members of the Cushings board have been putting out the word as well. I explained to Mike that the shelters here are overflowing with "foreclosure dogs" so I think it will take quite a bit longer than a couple of weeks to find a home for a special needs dog.

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