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Default Re: Diabetic dog in San Diego needs new home

Several very dedicated members of the Cushings forum have put in many many hours working on locating a foster home for Lucie.

Thank you Sue, Carol, and Glynda!!!

Someone has come forward who may be willing to take her in for foster care but will need financial support as he is currently unemployed.

If you are interested in helping financially to support Lucie for vet bills, food, insulin, and syringes, please drop me an email ( or a private message to let me know and I will then keep you advised on developments and if and when such support is needed.

Supporting Lucie's diabetes care if she is put on NPH would be only about $25 a month (insulin and syringes) - she is currently on 7 units per injection, two injections a day. I am also willing to send food and contribute to vet expenses.

If this all occurs, we won't want to rush to send many months worth of insulin and syringes as it is beginning to look like Lucie might not be spayed. So that will be the first thing that will need to be done and then see how that affects the diabetes.

There is quite a bit of history on the situation that I'm leaving out of the public forum so if you have any questions, drop me a line.

I can't begin to adequately thank Sue, Sue's friend Alison, Carol, and Glynda for their efforts on Lucy's behalf...


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