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Default Re: Lucie may have foster home, will need donations

Things are looking good for Lucie. This is from Sue over at the Cushings forum today:

Latest is that my friend Alison is hoping to be able to go out there and get Lucie sometime this week. She has gotten Lucie's vet's phone number and will talk to him early this week for a rundown on Lucie's health background. Sounds like she's making progress with Mike. She sent me an e-mail this a.m. saying that Lucie is NOT spayed.

In the meantime, Carol has rounded up a foster home for her. We have lots of offers for donations - guess we will be needing donations for getting her spayed, and for DM supplies (if the DM is chronic). Please PM Natalie (k9diabetes) here about donations and she will get back to you. (Or e-mail her directly) Waiting for more word from Alison at this point. Have not heard back from the possible adoptive mom in Goleta yet. So the saga continues..... Sue
I get emails of all my personal messages but you're also welcome to email me directly (

The spay is an absolute necessity to control her diabetes and will have to be funded by donations. I believe the foster home is looking for a vet who will do the spay at a "rescue" rate.

This guy is doing Lucie a huge favor as financially this is not a time for him to take on additional expenses plus it's one more dog than he can manage long-term. But nothing else was open to Lucie so he has graciously agreed to provide her a short-term home.

I am so relieved to hear that this may get settled this week. I know many of us have been losing sleep over Lucie's fate.


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