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Default Re: Lucie has a foster home

From Rick, Lucie's new foster dad:

Just got back from picking up Lucy.

Poor thing is skin & bones. The owners said she has been gaining weight. YIKES!

Many thanks to all the people here & on the Aucado forum for encouragement & info. This is pretty intimidating for me, but I'll do the best I can.

Dingo is more stressed than Lucy, I think. We've had dogs visit before but he's never been this way.

The owner wasn't lying when he said she is a lover. She is a total sweetheart so far. She rode fine in the cab of the truck. Let me handle her. Gives me kisses...

Ummm... tomorrow she gets a bath. Apparently she feels well enough to herd the livestock... pheeyew!

Here she is.

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