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Default Scruff the Schnauzer, Rest in Peace 10/31/15

Hello everyone! Newbie here but a life time dog owner!

I discovered this forum last evening while searching for information about diabetes in dogs.

Our male miniature Schnauzer, Scruff, was diagnosed with diabetes today..... come as a shock to us. He turned 9 last September.

The "in our face" signs that something was wrong commenced last Friday and over the weekend........... lots of drinking water and urination!

So, at the Vet this morning, his "sugar" reading, after a 15 hour fasting, was 318. We will be going back Friday morning for another test and I'm sure the commencement of a plan of action.

Other than the recent symptoms we cannot remember anything prior. His diet has been dry bag food with occasionally a few selected table scraps such as white chicken meat.

Down through the years, he's been on many 4 to 8 mile Sunday afternoon trail hikes with us in the back country on both private forest land and the Daniel Boone National Forest. Although he's a house dog, we live in a remote rural area which allows him plenty of open space with lots of opportunity for exercise.

So, I suppose he is one of the unlucky Schnauzers to develop the disease.

Well, I guess hopes and wishes is what we need now!
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