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Question Setback after dog had an UTI

My dog has been diabetic for around 5 years and have had relatively no problems and takes 13 Ventolin twice a day. Recently, had a setback and when taken to Vet as he wasn't eating, etc. his count was 52 and he had an UTI. They did not, of course, want me to give him insulin that night and had him on antibiotics, and reduced him to 7 units, once a day. He got better fast, but then started wanting to eat much more and drink far too much. Called vet and said he probably should get twice a day shots. Had vet doing readings again and went twice a day. He was better, but started same again. In again and raised the dosage to 8 units. Same thing so I started to 9 units on my own and bringing him back to vet tomorrow. I believe he needs to go back to before he got the UTI, like 12 or 13, but will see what vet says. It is so hard to not let him have so much water, but vomiting and urination during the night has become very troublesome so I have secluded him (with another dog) to the garage where he can go in and outside, but have taken up the water that he can get to and go around him once an hour and let him have several sips, then cut it off. This has really been upsetting to do for me and it kills me to have him look at me constantly for water. Has anyone else had a situation like this?
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