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Default Re: Setback after dog had an UTI

I wanted to pick Jesse up from the vet before answering. The 52 was done late in the afternoon and said he had a UTI and that is when they told me Not to give me a dose that evening and do the antibiotic which he needed to drink water at that point to flush infection out. After being on that he wanted to eat and drink more so I went back in and had him tested as I said I believe he needed to get on 2 shots again, at which point his test start at 636 before insulin of 7 in the morning, so went to 2 shots at 7. Called and took in again the next week and said I thought it needed to be upped and then it went to 2 at 8 units. Then he was just drinking like crazy and I took him up to 9 and went and this morning his beginning before insulin was 389 and at 126 at 2:00 and same at 4:00 so vet said just keep it at 9 and see. So far he has not been aggressive towards having to have water and he actually slept thru last night. Yesterday, I would let him have 4-5 gulps once and hour and so far he's only had 2 times and is sleeping (probably tired from all day vet) so am watching him carefully and will go from there. Besides his beginning of diabetes and only 1 other time where he had a uti, his diabetes has been pretty consistent at 12-13. Glad to have him home, but mom is tired and I also have a Lab too to take care of and make sure she gets water!
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