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Default Re: Setback after dog had an UTI

Well, it is still early and he still wants water, but not as adamant thus far so still just letting him have a little once an hour. Much dew this morning so he licked the entire bottom edge of my deck railings. Is there a specific type of home testing that you would recommend? I have tried to understand all the readings, but not the easiest thing. I've got a chart printed out that shows the start (where you gave 1st shot) and it shows 250 then climbs down to a low of 100 and then starts climbing back up again to 250 (says time for next shot). Jesse's start (as I've been getting copies of his readings) shows 389 and after 2 hours of shot, reads 229 and goes down accordingly with lowest mid-day 119, then back up to 126 before time for next shot. If there is a "dummy for dog diabetes" please let me know. Like I've said, he has been on 12 to 13 units twice a day for at least a couple of years.
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