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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Thanks for all your help Jesse I really appreciate this a lot. I have a question about diets for diabetic dogs. As you know he has weak hind legs and it seems to be getting weaker. I would like to know are their certain meats they can’t eat because I don’t want him losing muscle mass as we are trial and error if our way to see if we can get some mobility back too him. My vet doesn’t think it’s degenrative muscle lose because it came on so suddenly and it was accompanied with finding out he has diabetes. Currently I’m looking into this b12 and fish oils as supplements for him. And I’ve read they just pee out the excess if I give them too much so that’s a bit of a relief. I already know he’s getting old and illnesses seem to be coming out of the wood works but if I can get his mobility back ASAP with diets meds and voodoo magic I’d most likely try it as long as he isn’t in pain. My glucose meter comes in Thursday so I might start testing out meals high in proteins and how they will react to his insulin because he is turning into a very picky eater all of a sudden. Because he use to eat anything and everything we fed him even if it was just dog food. I also read animal organs were good choices of food for dogs too because they are very high in nutrition. As far as balancing his meals I’m going to have to do more research but I do know protein is the major player for senior dogs it’s just diabetes makes it a pain regulating. Again thank you for your help and experience transference to people looking for help. Also it seems he changed sleeping schedules on me and turned restless at night so I’m looking into that if he is turning into like a dementia state as he ages at the moment he was whining I stopped that now he is licking his legs a lot and I’m trying to get him to stop that till I get him back on routine. Boy will we be on an adventure but I’m sad to say after I seen him lately with his lose of mobility and not able to eat, I’m going through a grieving stage already knowing what choice I will have to make if he can’t get his quality of life back because my elderly parents won’t be able to take care of this big boy when I’m at work or school. But I will try to be active and positive till I see that he just isn’t the same anymore because he’s losing that happiness I use to see in him. He is very alert and happy when it’s dinner time because he use to get scraps but now he can’t. And it’s sad to turn him down and seeing his dejected look.

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