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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Whelp it seems i hit clouds point where he refuses to eat the premade diabetes dog diets ive set out for him and is only interested in home cooked foods. Ive started to scour the internet for recipes and how they balance it out so i really have only this option to get the guy to eat. I found one site and was wondering what you take is on it if you have time to read some of it.
But yeah ive given him b-12 Methyl today and see how that goes as long as i have him on it. His legs seem to be getting worse and its sad seeing him like this. He seems extremly alert when its human dinner time or when hes slept enough for the moment but he is testing my patience with feeding him since i know he will eat, just not the food i buy but the food humans eat. As far as not eating my vet told me to give him 3 units instead of 7 since his BG will still go up but if he refuses again i should bring him in. I doubt my dog can hit low BG since it seems hes on such a low dose of insulin already and he is somewhat still energized but just lazing about due to the pain meds kicking in. I didnt see any stories about if other people had rear end problems for their dogs and it got worse then got better later on. If there is does anyone know when its gone beyond the point to if he can get some mobility back? Thank you again guys.
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