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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

The challenge with his mobility is whether it's the high blood sugar that's entirely the cause, partly the cause, or not related.

Usually, diabetic neuropathy shows up only in two situations - very very high blood sugar for an extended period of time OR moderately high blood sugar that coincides with a problem with the back legs unrelated to the blood sugar.

So getting his blood sugar down will help whatever part of it is related to that.

But it's quite possible that there are other issues going on as well.

Not sure where you are located but I recommended a one-time consult with a veterinary neurologist if there is one reasonably close to you.

A veterinary neurologist can look at exactly what is and isn't happening with your dog's mobility and do some simple tests of reflexes, etc. and pinpoint likely diagnoses and where the problem is occurring.

It makes a huge difference. So, for example, diabetic neuropathy is almost almost exhibited as weakness only in the rear legs and equally weak on both sides. If there is weakness in the front legs or if one rear leg is weak and the other one is basically okay, that points away from diabetic neuropathy.

Front leg weakness indicates that the problem in the spinal cord is much further forward, such in the neck or shoulders.

Sometimes they can tell if it's likely something in the spine itself or a tumor in the brain. There are a few diseases that could be present, such as degenerative myelopathy. That doesn't get better unfortunately.

So just a consult can tell you a lot and can often pinpoint the problem or at least eliminate some things without any further imaging.

Definitely worth the investment if you can get in to a good canine neurologist.

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