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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Yeah sadly i am financially not able to provide for his mri scan at the moment so i asked for a consult from one of their surgeons and he suggested intervertebraldisc disease, infection of the discs, my main vet had a talk with the surgeon and we are putting him on pain meds and antibiotics at the moment to keep him comfortable and go from there. But sadly without a scan we wont know for sure After dinner tonight and about an hour later it seems he can move pretty steadly again just needs help lifting but no need for me to carry him. my house has alot of laminate flooring so im making use of what rugs and foam mats i have at the moment to help him move around but it seems he struggles with his front legs when there isnt steady mats for him to grip on so i plan on buying alot more tomorrow and just lay them everywhere he normally goes. As far as his back legs it seems it is only his back legs that are weak and it seems it is weak equally from what i observe he is front heavy so i think he sometimes struggles in the front due to the sudden change in mobility his front muscles arnt use to it but this is all guessing from what i can observe so far. It has only been a week since all this happened and ive seen ups and downs so far i will do my best to keep him comfy for the time being.

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