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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

MisterAlan, im also dealing with a diabetic husky whom is overweight and also has some hind leg issues. In his case, he has some joint inflammation in his leg which if I don't treat using a NSAID daily he tends to rise about 150 points due to the residual pain in his body. My dog is overweight at 87lbs and is using 10 units in the morning(has a snack) and 30 at night but that is due to he eats his entire meal at night which is around 1100 calories. In my case, since my dog is overweight this contributes to insulin resistance but your dosage sounds very low.

You might be dealing with inflammation or arthritis, although as others have noted it could be nerve related and perhaps an X-ray can isolate this as its usually cheaper. As someone stated methyl B12 can help with diabetic neuropathy and is cheap. But the older and heavy dogs develop joint paint/inflammation easily as in my case and as a result im using light doses of Galliprant until he can shed his weight off. A good vet can palpate and manipulate the joints and pickup on arthritis or a joint issue. An orthopedic vet might be a better choice than a vet.

Good luck and hang in there, its been a tough month for me as we were diagnosed last month but im finally getting my husky under reasonable control.
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