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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Thank you sibhus i greatly appreciate your input since we have similar situations. Yeah i also think his doses are low it seems my dog has climbed back up to the 480s and 500s but my doctor said to increase his units from 7 to 8 units and see how it goes. I did notice that when his BG was controlled when he arrived home at the 100s he could still walk around but very weak now it seems i need to always help him up but he tries to waddle with his back legs but they wont support. Currently i would never thought i would have a problem feeding him and not having problems poking the crap out of him with needles and he simply doesn't care haha. Yes he is on galliprant at the moment along with tramadol so we can assume hes not in pain with all those pain killers in him. It seems as his BG rises he starts to pant a little more. At the moment he seems extremely whiny at nights so ive tested if its pain it turns out its not. And hes testing me how i react to certain things he does to get my attention. It seems it is anxiety but i dont know what triggers it but so far ive left the room for 1 hour last night and see what he would do and seems hed just fall right to sleep until he hits another panic attack anxiety. The problem with the whining and getting up on sitting mode i assume he wants to go outside to do his thing but it seems he wants the attention of me to lift him up to walk around in the room a lil and repeat. I dont mind but it will confuse me when i dont know when he has to go or when he wants attention because i cant feed him the attention or he will use it against me and it will only get worse. But its only been a week so far and Ive actually found myself quite comfortable giving him shots taking his BGs and taking him out to relieve himself which is a bit crazy because of the towel i use to support sometimes it either covers him or causes the aimer to go everywhere and i have to wipe him down lol. Waiting on that old dog harness helper to ship in and i think it will be much easier to handle his restroom breaks also i can just pick him up if i have to if he doesn't wanna go before bed time because he will literally hold it for 10 hours plus because he doesn't wanna move. Well that's it for now wish me luck that i don't have to increase his insulin too much because i might have to change to vetsulin to novalin at Walmart and my vet is open to those options but she would rather keep him on vetsulin if it regulates well since its made for pets but sometimes you just cant sustain it. Also Natalie thanks for finding me a neuro practice for me i will look into it and plan out my options to see what i can get done for the guy.
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