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Default Re: Non-repeating BG numbers

Yeah sounds like a good plan and see how its goes. I had similar numbers when i was testing but mine were more drastic in the dip. He would go from fasting at 350-400 then 4 hours later Nadir to 80s then from there shoot up 400 insanely fast so he only stayed in the area thats low for probably 3 hours max which was not good. I was just feeding him protein and barley at this time and had to do more research into how fast and slow certain carbs release at. So many carbs and fibers to go through but i was lucky my first tweak worked. I reduced some barley and added some pinto beans which slowed releases while the barley is a medium release time and this seemed to level him off. I also found that adding more protein didnt affect his BG numbers only carbs did. I think i would have a harder time regulating my dog on a dry food since i dont know what carbs they use and how balanced it is. If this doesnt work out so well i dont mind helping with a homemade diet if you are up for it.
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