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Default Re: My experience with the Freestyle Libre

We also use the sensors. We bought the reader also because our phones are not able to install the app, because you need a newer phone than we have.

We pay 60 euro for 1 sensor and the reader was thesame amount. We put it on the dog ourselves. That was not difficult. Shaved with a dog shaving machine a kind of circle about 8 cm, cleaned the area with the alcohol pads delivered with the sensor. Then we used Skin Tac Wipe. This are little cloths, you wipe them on the skin and the skin becomes tacky. Put the sensor on. Bart didn't mind. and then a little piece of toiletpaper cut in a circle as grand as the sensor. put it on the sensor and at last cover the whole with a round cut adhesive sporting tape. just to protect it while walking under the branches of bush or schratching.

It was so helpfull for us to learn how bloodglucose levels work. I like to see your graphics, can we exchange them?
Bart is a Small Münsterlander, born 07-2011, 21 kg
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