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Default Re: Scruff the Schnauzer, Rest in Peace 10/31/15

Thanks Natalie for helping me re-set my password....

Well, it has been a while since I last visited and a long time since I posted.

Scruff recently celebrated his 15th birthday (9/26/05) on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. It was become much easier to look back as the years have unfolded since his untimely death by a coyote on 10/31/15. The huge selection of photos help keep memories of him alive.

Toby and Brody are doing fine............ lots of daily exercise and a very good diet.

As I stated previously, Brody was overweight when we got him. Today, his weight is perfect.

Toby is still slim and trim and full of explosive energy......... always ready to go outside for a walk and to chase a squirrel.

Be safe everyone!
Miniature Schnauzer, named Scruff! My wife and I are retired and do a lot of traveling in our vintage VW Vanagon. Most recent trip was to Alaska, 2014. Scruff went along too!
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