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Default Re: Looking for dog food alternatives...

Yeah the problem with my dog was feeding problems too. He didnt like any of the diabetic food so i had to home cook his food. If you have time you could try using pinto beans/barley/chicken beef fish turkey for protein. The tough part about this is balancing the carbs needed for your dog specifically so you will be doing a lot of testing and researching because every dog is different. There are fast medium to slow release carbs you want to aim at the medium to slow release carbs so it can work along side your insulin during the 12 hours. For me Pinto beans is a slow release carb and barley is the medium release and as far as protein goes it doesnt affect my dogs numbers if i increase or decrease it. If you plan on going this route which could be cheaper but will cost you time i will tell you what i did. First off i had to find my dogs ideal weight and the calories he needed. Then i calculated how many grams of each carb and protein that was required and how many calories they provide balanced. So take my dog for instance he is a senior husky that needs an ideal weight of 70 and he is not that active. I need around 750-850 calories. I give him 70 grams of protein and 66 grams of carbs. From there i calculate the amount of food i need to give him to make those grams equal out into those grams of protein and carbs. Currently i tweaked my dogs portion to be a bit more because hes started to be more active after getting better but it goes like this for me. 190 Grams of turkey/beef to give him enough protein then i give him 30 grams of pinto beans and 90 grams of barley to balance him off on the carbs. He has this meal twice a day along with some yogurt non fat with no added flavors for pro biotics. As for pricing goes turkey and chicken is the cheapest but he cant eat chicken because he is allergic to it and i give him beef too as a rotation so he doesn't get bored of just one thing then ill have a problem to finding food solutions again. He is on a healthy weight of 70 now and his numbers are from 120-60 for a few months now without any changes so far. I hope this helped best of luck.
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