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Default Re: Looking for dog food alternatives...


It is scary at first trying to figure everything out when it comes to your newly diagnosed pup. But you WILL figure it out in time.

You don’t have to go with the prescription diets for diabetic dogs. Many diabetic dogs do fine with commercial dog foods not specifically designed for diabetics.

My Pippi gets a mix of two commercial dogfoods – one dry & one wet mixed together.

However, every diabetic dog is totally different from the other. Each one has different needs. There is no “one size fits all”. Only trial, error, then success!

That being said, it is very important that you test your dog with a glucometer. When my Pippi was first diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t even know what a glucometer was.

Whatever dogfood you decide to try with your doggie, the glucose levels are probably going to be different, regardless if you feed the same amount as your current food. Proteins and carbs in dogfoods all play into glucose levels. I had no idea about this at first.

How are your dog’s blood glucose levels on your current food? Do you have a glucometer to test blood glucose levels? If you don’t have a glucometer, do you go for frequent spot checks at the vet? Has your vet done some bg curves?

Before I got my glucometer, my vet worked with me with the dogfoods I chose. I went in once a week for a spot check to make sure things were going o.k. But a once a week spot check really isn’t enough.

I found this forum many months into Pippi’s diagnosis, and I’m so happy I did! I’ve learned so much from others’ posts. And how important it is to check blood glucose levels with a glucometer.

There is a really good thread on this forum called “Your Dog’s Diet, Insulin, and Meter Used”, which you might have already seen. It really helps to see what foods other people feed their diabetic dogs and what glucometers they use. Lots of variety!

I would not start feeding your dog another food without being able to test blood glucose levels -- either with your own glucometer or working with your vet.
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